15+10 pallet Airbus A321-200CCF

Highest Containerized Cargo Volume in Class. Period.


Being the most successful aircraft in the history of commercial aviation, A320 and A321 feed stock is widely available. The A320 and A321 are the most cost effective freighters. With containerized cargo on both the main cargo deck and the lower cargo deck, the A320 and A321 present a superior choice over the entire Boeing narrow body family: 737-300, 737-400, 737-700 and 737-800.

Main Deck

(14) AAA/AAY + (1) LD3-45W (AKH) or pallet up to 72”.

Also supporting AAC, AYY, PAG, SAA and LAV ULDs.

Lower Deck

(10) LD3-45W (AKH) 


Main Cargo Deck

· 144” Main Deck Cargo Door

· Structural payload up to 61,700 lbs. (28 tonne)*

· 9G Rigid Cargo Barrier with sliding door

· Reinforced floor

· Cargo linings & placards

* subject tfeedstock aircraft weight variant

Flight Deck

· New lavatory

· Three optional supernumerary seats

· Luggage storage

· Optional coffee maker, hot water

and microwave

Wide Feedstock Selection

· All MSNs

· All weight variants

· All IAE and CFM engines

· Sharklets / No Sharklets

· All EISs

Payload & Range

Installation & Support

· Global installation available at authorized MROs

· World-class 24/7 support


· Most capable narrow-body freighter in class

· 15+10 Highest containerized cargo volume

· Widest feedstock selection · Cockpit and crew amenities